June 22, 2021

Crack Open the Rosé and Celebrate


Summer, is that you?


Retirement, are you ready?


A celebration dinner
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Crack Open the Rosé and Celebrate

When I think of June, naturally, summer comes to mind, conjuring up many memories for me. With the season officially launched, I can’t help reminisce about those lazy days of summer spent at the beach, the smell of sunscreen and BBQ’s (oooyah), a chilled rosé, homemade potato salad, local strawberries, alfresco dining and the sweet scent of roses. Just a few to mention. Are you feeling it? Any excuse to have a gathering these days seems to be the norm; we’re finally venturing outside of our bubbles. What a great reason to celebrate with friends!

Take the cue from your surroundings

In this case, it was my friend’s birthday, and her rose garden was in full bloom, creating the ideal setting for our first summer soirée. Words can’t describe the visual reminding me of those momentous dinners in Provence, and it doesn’t stop there! My friend, aka a designer extraordinaire and owner of Bludog staging, it’s no surprise that she always manages to host a memorable evening. I’m always excited to get an invite, whatever the occasion. Yes! She makes preparing a dinner party look effortless, but I know it’s really about the details and she’s got it down to a science.

From the moment we arrived, there was no resisting a delicious knock your socks-off margarita (holy moly), a tasty charcuterie board was at the ready for our grazing, and even the weather cooperated (I think she has connections). BUT, the pièce de résistance was her beautifully prepared meal. Which goes without saying, but I will, delicious!

You can create this too!

When you have a beautiful rose garden as my friend does, why wouldn’t you entertain outdoors? No rose garden? No worries. What about that perfect shady spot under the tree or your cosy patio (for two) to capture those amazing views? Let’s not forget about the local parks or the beach, so many choices.

You can elevate any soirée by simply adding these small details: fresh flowers, cloth napkins, crystal glasses, and candles. And for gosh sakes, don’t forget the music! With so many playlists available on Apple Music or Spotify, you can create beach vibes or an Edith Piaf ambiance, depending on the mood. Set the tone, be creative—fill jars with sand and add votives for a cute beach look, hang fairy lights in the trees, or place fresh herbs from the nursery directly on your table, which you can plant later. You’ll be surprised at what you can find!

Remember to enjoy and have fun!

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