June 16, 2021

Discovering Paradise on Savary Island

Savary Island is one of those dream destinations everyone desperately seeks but is unsuccessful at finding. Well, I found it! It’s practically in my backyard (well, not exactly), which is a bonus! Although I feel fortunate to have discovered this piece of paradise 12 years ago on a family vacation, I didn’t know much about it.

However, I had heard plenty of amazing things, confirming from friends that it’s magical, a tropical paradise with many beautiful white sandy beaches. To quote one friend, who’s spent many summers on Savary, “It’s my happy place!” I agree. It’s also the perfect place to set your kids free, kick back, and relax in the sunshine taking in the spectacular views.

South Beach

You should go…

Savary Island is approximately 140 kilometres northwest of Vancouver, B.C. It’s a remote island accessible by water taxi, barge, floatplane or private boat. Otherwise, it’s an easy drive up the Sunshine Coast, consisting of two ferry rides and enough picturesque scenery, even for the adventure-seeking to swoon over.

If timed perfectly, the entire trip to Savary should take no longer than six hours. In other words, you should arrive on the island just in time for happy hour! 

Known for its sub-tropical climate, it exceeds any expectations, earning the island paradise title. Measuring only 7.5 kilometres long by one kilometre wide, it’s a small island that packs a lot of punch!

The beaches (several of them) are reason alone to visit, if not for the soft sand between your toes. Hike the beautiful Sunset trail, begin from the Meadows and finish at Indian Point, or do it in reverse. Pack a picnic and enjoy the sunset! For the most part, the ocean is shallow and calm, making kayaking a perfect outdoor activity. Explore the tidal pools or go digging for delicious clams! If hanging at the beach and doing absolutely nothing is your jam, go for it! You are definitely at the right place.

Are you needing accommodations? Look no further; there are many options to choose from. Savary Island Resort is a newer mid-island retreat catering to large groups of up to 20 people. Sandcastle at Southbeach has self-contained apartments with stunning ocean views and a convenient 10-minute walk to the dock and water taxi. VRBO, Airbnb, and Savary Island rentals also offer a variety of choices, from private campsites to waterfront homes. Whatever your budget or taste, it’s available.

Savary Island may be remote, but it doesn’t mean you have to go without. All the essentials are here and available. There’s a convenient General store, and you name it, they stock it, including wine! The Sugar Shack for the sweet tooth, Riggers Pub (karaoke night?) and restaurant, the Mermaid Cafe (aka Midisland cafe), and a bicycle shop for rentals and repairs.

Get your sugar fix
Life in a Hammock

Why has it taken me this long to come back?!

We recently acquired a cabin on Savary, calling it our home away from home. Since the pandemic, it’s been an absolute godsend; it’s our somewhere to escape. We’re situated high on a bluff; it’s the perfect vantage point for watching the eagles soar—spectacular!

A family of deer graze on our lawn, retiring down the steep bank at the end of the day. Where do they go? What’s that funny snorting and grunting sound? I later discovered the beach below is a popular happy hour spot for seals and sea lions during low tide.

So many birds, although there’s one particular little robin who follows me (same one?)around the yard as I weed. She pulls for worms with little effort and flies off with a mouthful, only to return for more. It’s a who’s who of wildlife.

We love our new special place, when we’re not visiting Savary, we’re thinking about it. We can’t wait to go back and spend more time; it’s become our new labour of love. While the cabin is somewhat new to us, we wanted our home away from home to reflect our style, taste, and comfort. We’ve been busy getting summer ready for our friends and family. After a long day of “to-do’s,” it’s fun to reward our efforts with a glass of something delicious!

The most amazing beaches…

Savary Island isn’t just a pretty face; she is beautiful inside and out and has substance. Let there be no mistake; the best beaches in the entire chain of the Gulf Islands are to be found here on Savary Island. It beckons you, well, at least it does for me! Once you’re hooked, it’s game over. The views never grow old, and there is something extraordinary about a beach day on this tiny remote island.

And…Just when you’ve had that last sip of wine and think the day is over, the sun dips into the ocean, and the evening wakes. The water is calm, the stars are by the millions, it’s quiet, and then you see it —the moon.

Savary Island it’s magical, a tropical paradise with many beautiful white sandy beaches. It’s my happy place!

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