February 12, 2021

The one with the candy hearts


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Valentine’s day is a day dedicated to love. So yes, I’m stating the obvious. But, some may argue, why celebrate just one day? Expressing your love for someone should be shown in some form every day. Right? Yes, I agree, and I do.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to get caught up in your happiness. As a result, we become oblivious to our lovey-dovey affection for each other, forgetting those who are alone. Even more so during this pandemic. I can relate, having spent several ho-hum Valentine’s days on my own.

That said, I was damned if I would let a day dedicated to love to get me down. If anything, it was an excellent excuse for a little retail therapy, perhaps something pretty to wear? It didn’t need to be expensive, lol. Who are we kidding? It was usually a splurge; cheap and cheerful wasn’t considered. I was alone, and I deserved to indulge if just a little. Why not? If it makes you happy, I say go for it! I’m not suggesting you break the bank on anything expensive that you would later regret, especially if it isn’t in the budget.

But, with only two days left before the big V day, I thought it would be fun to dream up a little his and her’s gift guide.

No funds for a big splurge? No problem, consider a nice bottle of wine or order dinner from your favourite restaurant. Better yet, plan and make a fabulous gourmet dinner together, so fun!

Can you imagine a beautifully written letter on “how much I love you”? Honestly, it takes little effort, and I would be gushing for sure, if not full-out crying. The best part is, it’s free! So you’re not one to spill your emotions in a letter? A card works too. Maybe include a single rose or a sweet treat, and it’s perfect! I love flowers. You cannot go wrong with a small bouquet, but beware, ’tis the season for a hefty price tag. Choose wisely!

With freezing temperatures outside, besides you to keep your valentine warm, how about a cashmere toque or scarf? It’s luxurious and practical at the same time. OR, a gift of fragrance, in my opinion, is a gift that keeps on giving, “I love the scent of him on my sheets….”

How about a treat for the sweet tooth? Chocolate is always a good idea.

For the connoisseur, a bottle of their favourite spirit; paired with crystal glasses for both of you to enjoy.

Shopping for lingerie can be overwhelming; it’s a mysterious clothing genre, with barely anything garments made of delicate silk and lace. Prices range from inexpensive to break the bank, so yes, that tiny little camisole could cost you a lot more than a robe! But, ladies, this doesn’t have to be a gift for you. Wrap up your favourite lingerie item for HIM to admire on you! BTW, this too is a gift that keeps on giving.

Silk boxers for him? Absolutely!

I love a great candle, and Diptyque from Paris is beautifully scented for any room.

Valentine’s day wouldn’t be complete without a few splurge gifts.

Just for fun, I came across these vintage black and white photographs.

Love Jewelery

Most importantly, don’t stress; enjoy Valentines’s day with your special person. Have fun with whatever you decide to do. You are only limited by your imagination.

Valentine’s day, that special day, the one with the candy hearts, fills my heart.

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