July 24, 2019


Clair de Lune, meaning, the light of the moon or moonlight…I’ve always enjoyed this piece of music, discovering it long ago from a luxury car commercial. Remembering the music and not the car is probably an advertisers worst nightmare.  And yes, I can switch from A$AP Rocky to Debussy, no problem, I am a fan of many genres. Listening to the piano has always been my zen or calming place. I came across Clair de Lune this morning entirely by accident, wanting something peaceful to listen to with my morning coffee.


Coffee and music

You’ve heard me go on about music, it truly is a passion of mine. Giving me another reason to escape, Clair de lune is that particular song to do so. What could I possibly write about on a piece of music except to say, it moves me. Not to be confused with my usual choice of music that provides an instant dance party. We should all have something in our lives that touches us in this way. Believe it or not, it’s essential for me to have these moments, yep, even I need to escape.

Listening to classical music these days has sadly taken a back seat, reminding myself, I should make an effort and listen to more often.  Classical music, rich in history, it’s complex, with so many eras and composers, it’s hard to know what or who to listen to. Honestly, it can be a shot in the dark, finding a piece of music in a new genre, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for.  Discovering classical music isn’t your top 40, it’s better. I love to imagine the composer and the time or era in which the piece was written.  What was happening at the moment in time? It’s important to open our minds to various types of genres and if you’re already a lover of classical, welcome to the world of Hip Hop, Rap and everything in between. With access to numerous music sites, there’s no excuse not to explore the world of music. Embrace the sounds, whether or not it rocks your world, it’s important to explore something different, right?

Escape somewhere different? Yes, listen to and embrace the musical sounds you haven’t heard before, don’t be afraid, you may actually enjoy. If we can take it all in and appreciate different music genres, just imagine, how we could be accepting of more?  Kinda makes me think…what if?

Have a listen…




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  1. J says:

    Wonderful Debussy, this piece for me is only second to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.
    Heart is.. where the moon is 😀

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