June 22, 2019

An Interview

We’ve all done them, interviews. I seriously doubt any of us enjoy the process. I can hold my own for the most part; it’s when they start asking questions like, “tell me about a time you overcame an obstacle?” or “what’s your biggest weakness?” and “why should we hire you?” Ha! I become a deer in headlights, scrambling for the correct answers, trying not to break out into a sweat. Ok, so I don’t rock at interviews. Still, somehow I manage to compose myself, engage in a conversation about one thing or another, tell my interviewer stories and simultaneously try to exude confidence. Not easy.

The job description is essential, giving you a preview of what the employer expects. But knowing what you are capable of and having the skill set for the job makes the interview easier. Oversell slightly while still being true to yourself.

Segway to relationships or dating, we put our best foot forward and ask questions that only apply to one thing: are we right for each other?

I love the idea that you can know someone within the first minutes of your meeting; somehow, you know, or at least call it good intuition. But, unfortunately, these encounters are rare, so I say, run with it. I have done enough coffee interviews to know if you’re not feeling it, it probably isn’t who you are looking for and vice versa.

Yes, one could argue this process isn’t anything like an interview, but isn’t it? Don’t we want to know everything about the person we may want to spend forever with? Hence, asking those serious questions, sometimes it’s just nice to know that you both enjoy the same ice cream. Whatever the questions, you can’t avoid checking those boxes you’ve pre-set in your head long ago. If this person ticks most of them, great! If you’re not ticking any boxes, then it’s obvious you need to interview a few more candidates.


What if you found the perfect candidate? Does the interview continue? Personally, once you’ve figured out the basics, i.e. they’re normal, and you want to be with them, you move on to exploration. Perhaps another blog? In all seriousness, once you’ve made it to the next round, it’s time to explore each other, getting to the heart and soul and taking the interview to another level. Finding commonalities with someone as well as an attraction and a connection, “ding, ding, ding, ding!!” You’ve hit the jackpot! If the fear of “it’s too good to be true” kicks in, let it go. Stop waiting for the ball to drop or for something terrible to happen. Imagine your luck when you meet the person who will rock your world, and yes, they like the same ice cream.

Whether you’re dating or in a relationship, you will always ask questions or continue learning and growing from each other. The day that you stop asking questions is the day you stop connecting. So keep the interview going and be open to whatever it takes to be engaged with each other.

I’m confident going forward, my interview went well and will continue. There’s never a dull moment; so much to know about each other, and as a bonus, yes, I like the same ice cream:)



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