June 14, 2019


My ride to the airport arrived at my home in the early morning. It was both strangely familiar and surreal. As he rushed towards my bags, tossing them into the trunk, he informed me, “I was listening to the news, but I turned on the music just for you,” this made me laugh. Our banter picked up where it left off, and yes, old habits are hard to break.

My ex-husband and I were travelling to Montreal for our oldest son’s university graduation. Was it slightly weird sitting beside each other on the plane (not really)? A lot was going through my mind; a mimosa was in order. I was looking at a man I’d sat beside for years; seemingly, nothing had changed, yet so much had. Both of us reverting to our old ways; there’s a lot of history between us, we are comfortable, and for the first time, it felt perfectly fine. With a five-hour flight, our conversation focused on family, work and our son’s graduation, asking ourselves, “how did this happen so fast?”

We walk together but no longer hand in hand; it’s our new normal. We are a team, and I love that we can put our differences aside and hang together; we’re finally in a good place. Lol…for now.

Leaving for the convocation

We dressed up to attend our son’s convocation, stuffing last-minute supplies of tissues into my purse, just in case. Finally, our son walked across the stage and accepted his degree; this chapter of his life is closed with an exciting new chapter beginning. The world is his oyster, and he’s ready to take on new opportunities. I’m curious about where he finds his pearls.


Family time dominated; there were several funny stories, a few debates and some thought-provoking conversations. Still, for the most part, we celebrated our son and his girlfriend (who recently graduated), their accomplishments and what the future holds.

A lot of fun celebrating…


My son and his girlfriend, high school sweethearts, have the world in their grasp. So much to look forward to; nothing is out of reach with a bit of hard work. Reminding them to follow their dreams and passions, the rest will fall into place. There is no race or finish line; remember to enjoy the journey.

It was a whirlwind 48 hours and another early morning flight. This time we’re heading home. My ex-husband and I are seemingly both exhausted. Perhaps we’re both getting too old for all this celebrating? It was a great trip! We have more photos and new memories to reminisce about. Yes, we are still family, a new version, and it works perfectly well.



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  1. Paulette Bornestig says:

    So proud to hear that you and K have managed to find a way to remain a loyal team for your boys. There are not many who can truly say this. This is not easy after the turmoil of divorce. xo

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