March 28, 2019

Finding Happy

Life throws us curve balls not to make us crazy but to make us stronger. Enough curve balls, you say? I agree it’s tough out there, and I’m trying not to focus on the negative and concentrate on the positive. If we overthink all the bad shit in the world and then throw some personal crap into the mix, it’s a wonder that any of us get up in the morning. The amazing thing is that we do! We are pre-set to persevere and find our happiness, whatever that means to us individually. Can you be happy with devasting circumstances surrounding you? Yes.

I am continuously surprised or in awe, recently observing individuals who have incurred some hardship, crisis, illness or death. How do you come out the other side of this? It’s nothing short of a miracle; even after everything is said and done, we still need to find a new normal or new happiness, believing it’s a choice going forward.

Does it take someone’s misery to make us appreciate the small stuff and recognize all those other bits we should wholeheartedly enjoy for what they are? Hopefully, it’s just a reminder that none of us is immune from circumstances beyond our control or whatever life throws our way.

Can we be happy just for the sake of being happy? I want to think I’ve come a long way from being a material girl, so yes, Madonna is in my past, and my life is filled with substance. I can’t imagine it any differently. Aside from my observations of late, my life at the moment feels great.

Spending a week with my oldest son, sitting on a beach for a week, and doing absolutely nothing was an exercise in finding my happiness. It doesn’t get any better. Very fortunate to have these snapshot moments; wishing I had a repeat button.


That special person in my life is important, too. Wanting to share my stories, life, and all things true to me is huge. I can’t share enough, and I love that he shares back; what?! That said, I’m learning a lot about myself, pinching myself, and so much about him. How did I get here? If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s not what you know; it’s what you find when you’re not looking for it. Did I find it?

Have I found my Happy?




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