A Connection

What is a connection and why are some more powerful than others? I’m trying to understand the intricacies of how this energy, bond or emotional link with someone happens. I promise you, I’m not overthinking this, (well maybe a bit) more curious than anything. What sparks a connection? Is it an attraction or more, that feeling of “we click” then craving to be with that person again and again. It’s hard to say, but when it happens, it’s an overwhelming sensation that you have zero control over. Seriously, WTF just happened?

Whether it’s your first love or you’re figuring out love later in life, there is nothing more satisfying or sexier than sharing a bond with someone special. I’ve sat through plenty of first dates, wondering if I’ll ever feel that emotional connection again.  Without the chemistry, there can be no relationship; that bunsen burner is not going to light itself.  How long should it take before you feel something? Seriously, I’m no expert, it could happen immediately, or after a couple of rendezvous, honestly, you never know. Case in point, even after a couple of amazing dates, I was still second guessing myself, most likely because I haven’t felt a connection with someone special in a while.  It’s a great feeling and worth the wait.

Thinking back to my very first relationship, I was young and naive, what did I know about connections? I knew I had a burning desire inside of me, not thinking twice, I went with those feelings and never looked back. Ignorance is bliss…fast forward, I’m the same girl, this time with hurt and apprehension, calling it my protective shield. Discovering a connection with someone lately has made me very aware of this shield, these scars are real to me. Being vulnerable is also new to me but letting the shield down lets the connection grow and scars heal.

Where does one go from here? For me, keeping my heart open and letting that special someone inside is the gateway to loving and trusting again. I’m learning a lot about myself, slowly peeling back the many layers of the onion and understanding a deeper meaning at the core.

A connection, a bond, an energy that keeps me wanting more…




Photo credit, SarahBahbah


2 thoughts on “A Connection

  1. Can’t believe I missed this post, understand a little of what you are saying if only from my own experience in the past 2 years. It has been a learning process, a lot gleaned from the first relationship I went through after divorce, and I learned a lot. Connections can be emotional only and that fills an immediate need, but is a risk if the connection doesn’t go beyond that to something deeper. Make sense? I felt love but the emotional connection confused me into thinking there was something beyond that. I am discovering now, after moving past that and slowing down, that the connection needs to be intellectual, relational, and stable. That’s tough at any age!

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