Every Exit is an Entry somewhere else…

While walking the dog, I stumbled upon this mural, the message, simple, yet profound.

The definition of EXIT; the act of leaving a place, a way out, or leaving something, which can apply to many things in our day to day lives. But how do you know when it’s time to leave or exit something? We’ve all been there, good or bad, bored out of our minds. You need to move forward to see what’s around the corner. Even when things seem too good to be true, you still need an exit strategy. Perhaps you’re afraid of being hurt or not liking the outcome of something; this would require removing one’s self from a situation. I’m impatient, sitting here waiting. I hesitate to exit, hedging my bets, just in case I leave too soon before something incredible happens. Hmmm…


The definition of ENTRY; the act of going in or coming into. Stepping into something new or better? I guess you need to be clear on what you are exiting to be entering at the moment, my cards are on the table, not sure whether to hold or fold, a risk, just like any other poker game. And while we’re discussing risk, what is the risk? This should be considered, along with emotions, I don’t want to exit unless I’m clear on what I’m entering, are you confused, me too.
Life throws many choices our way, and it’s up to us to decide, is this the moment? Is this when I say yes, or, maybe no to something or someone? How long can you hope or wish for something to happen before it becomes too hard to move in either direction? Frankly, I’m not quite ready to enter somewhere else; I’m experiencing feelings, I’m not sure I want to leave behind, or not just yet.


So yes, every exit is an entry somewhere else but only if you are ready to enter. Keeping in mind, it’s an exit; no doors are closed, I guess, proceed with caution, or enter at your own risk. I’m a firm believer of not bringing the past into the future; it muddies the waters going forward, or does it? Maybe it has more to do with timing? What if, your timing is out of sync with something or someone else? Do you exit or wait? I’m at a standstill, I’m at, it’s too good to be true, and I’m not sure what to do? Everyday life is a journey of perception or a new way of seeing, or it can sometimes be fucked up. I’m trying to enjoy the journey, searching for that perfect moment for an entry somewhere else. Which will hopefully make me in sync with where I need to be, perhaps with someone else?



Nikki Baxendale Photography

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