August 30, 2018


This week is the countdown for both my sons to go back to school and to be honest, I’m not sure if I’m excited or ready to sit in a corner and cry!  How did this happen so fast? My oldest son stayed behind at school for most of the summer, picking up extra credits in order to graduate on time next year.  He’s home for two weeks, which never seems long enough, getting my fill on stories and visits from his friends (I miss them too).  My younger son will be starting his first year of university, thankfully he’s only a short ferry ride away, just in case he gets homesick or something?  The family room is overflowing with purchases from Bed Bath & Beyond for his dorm.  I have no idea how all his stuff is going to fit in my friends SUV for the move there this weekend?


I’m having to face my reality…the boys are both gone! WOW! I said it and it makes me sad…don’t worry, “I GOT THIS!”  I’m not gonna lie, it will take an adjustment period and there will be some tears. These two have been my heart and soul for such a long time, it feels like a part of me is leaving with them. Aside from mixed emotions, I am genuinely excited for them, listening to their plans for the school year, the friends they will see again, the friends they will meet, making bonds they never knew existed. And let’s not forget the parties, cuz we know they’ll be happening! UGH! The social part will be fun times for sure but the academic year will be a grind, I’m just glad it’s them and not me! Kids these days, they’re so smart…here’s hoping!


Love these two!

So where does that leave me? Good question…

I’m hoping the dog doesn’t get sick of me, or me of her, work will continue to keep me busy and my writing seems to be my love at the moment.  Perhaps I’ll work harder on that love thing? And of course, there’s always Paris, my other love, that’s happening this fall,  so stay tuned for photos and stories, can’t wait!  I’m also spending time in Florence and Milan  (my first visit), it’s been a while since I was in Italy,  looking forward to the culture, the food AND the vino.  Need to visit my friend “David”, probably the closest thing to the male anatomy that I’ll be seeing any time soon, LOL, no, like seriously!  Milan has always been a mystery to me, I have no idea why I haven’t been there before but I hear they might have a bit of shopping? And yes, I have my tickets for the last supper…

My nest is empty… it’s going to be difficult for the first little while but I am excited to make my own plans going forward.  My boys have spread their wings and have flown away, (metaphorically speaking) I know, cheesy, right?  Thankfully, they’re not actually birds, they will come home again, to the nest, where I get to be the mom and they let me, which is awesome by me!





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  1. I can one up you on this one — my 22 year old daughter just moved to Ankara, Turkey! She won’t be home for Christmas, probably will come home during the summer (she’s a music teacher), Getting used to not having kids around takes some time, but you get used to it and the lack of clutter becomes addictive.

  2. Karena says:

    So heartfelt and you know I can relate 😉
    Love your honesty and those boys are so lucky to have you to come home to. Look forward to reading more about life beyond, your adventures and that fabulous trip to Italy!

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