August 11, 2018

My Roommate


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Essentially, I'm your friend down the street who started blogging, and then life threw lemons (AKA Divorce), and suddenly I found myself here, talking to you! 
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Everyone at some point in their life has had a roommate. The experience varies from “oh my god, what a crazy person” or, “they’re so easy to be with!” To be honest, it always shocks me how roommates can vary so much?  You think you know yourself, like, really know yourself and then you end up with this idiot roommate telling you to do stupid things…and you do. What?! How can this be possible? Or the messy roommate, leaving their shit in piles everywhere. I’m currently living with a talker, they’re constantly giving me advice on everything these days, which is fine some of the time but I can’t listen anymore.  Seriously, I need to get rid of her…

The weird thing is, this roommate I’m referring to is not a person…it’s my inner voice…Bam! Bet you didn’t see that one coming?  I’m so funny!  Yes, my inside voice is driving me crazy, need to turn it off before I do something stupid like meet someone and have entire conversations in my head about them and actually start to believe they were part of it.  To the point of exhaustion, I have thought about things, challenged myself on different outcomes and in the end, no one even knew this was a conversation but ME.  This is a result of too much on the brain and overthinking things, how did I get here?

I know, get my shit together, right?  Meditation has never been a thing for me, “OM”, although, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try it? Unfortunately, I have the attention span of a goldfish these days.  Breathing exercises? Well, that was my homework from my massage therapist, 10 minutes a day of deep “tummy” breathing…LOL, am I the only one that thinks that sounds funny? It’s supposed to keep my energy clear…

OK, so… I’m deep breathing and “OM”, now what? Do I go to my happy place? Hmmm….yes, well, that requires another person! Good god, did I really just say that?!  I guess my writing has become my meditation of sorts (lucky you guys) putting my ideas and thoughts out to my readers and the universe.

Deep Breathing +”OM”+ Get rid of roommate = Happy Place!

Shhhhhh…listen, I think my roommate has finally quieted, hopefully, gone for a while or never to return at all.  Time for me to take control of my own situations in my head. No longer listening to my crazy roommate.

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t




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