August 9, 2018

Bikini Season

Ah yes, bikini season is here and with a vengeance. I’m trying to amp up my workouts and should probably drink less wine, sigh…why does it have to be so complicated? It’s the silly season; it’s hot out, and rosé goes with everything and adds calories too. I know what needs to happen for me to wear a bikini, and sometimes, I don’t feel like it!  

The days of Bain De Soleil suntans and skimpy swimsuits went with my twenties, and now I’m slathering on 30+ sunscreen and wearing sun hats to protect my hair colour, another sigh. Even with half-decent genes, I struggle with what I see in the mirror. Yes, I’m just like everyone else. But, to quote Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, “Is it possible I’m not as attractive as I think I am?” LOL, I am NOT complaining. Honestly, for the most part, I like myself. However, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t notice some flaws; to be clear, we are talking externally, not internally (too much to discuss on the other subject matter).



The bikini first debuted in 1946 at an outdoor fashion show in Paris, designed by Parisian engineer Louis Réard. He named the swimsuit after Bikini Atoll (located in the Pacific Ocean), where testing on the nuclear Bomb was taking place. To say the bikini has evolved since 1946 would be an understatement.

And like my 50-plus body, it’s changing too, or at least it feels like it. But, every season, it’s the same old story. Is it time to retire the bikini for a one-piece? It’s been debated on fashion blogs: “How old is too old to wear a bikini?” Don’t get me wrong; there are amazing sexy one-piece swimsuits. In fact, the need to hang on to my bikini probably has more to do with me hanging on to my youth than anything else, n’es pas?

According to one article, I should have hung up my bikini ten years ago! The fact that this is even being debated should be a red flag for me…must not read those articles. I don’t think I look horrible in one. However, a suntan makes everything look better. To quote a friend, “Tanned fat looks better than white fat,”  We can all agree on that one! LOL

Helen Mirren, at 72, still rocks a bikini…what’s her secret? Confidence, with a side of modesty. Yes, I’m referring to age appropriateness, meaning, leave the thong to the twenty-year-olds! I don’t care how fit or in shape you are; some things need to be left to the imagination. No, seriously, I mean it! I love the approach to “love your body” and “you do you,” wear what makes you feel good but don’t lose your shit on bad style.

And for all of you who don’t buy into wearing a bikini? I say, so what? This is not about shaming; I say, be confident, comfortable, age-appropriate and “you being the best you” on the beach…enjoy summer cuz you’re the Bomb! 



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  1. herthoughts says:

    What about wine on the weekend.

  2. Paulette says:

    You got it go’in on, Girl. You ARE rocking the bikini OR whatever you would choose to wear.
    You set a healthy example for women. You do all the RIGHTS – eat right, exercise your body and your mind. So you indulge a little as you wind your way through this life. I admire your bravery and confidence. Love you lots. xo

  3. You should post recent pictures of yourself on your blog, show off. ;p

  4. lol…that was today;)

  5. Your post has inspired me to shop for age-appropriate patterns in mens Speedo briefs for my upcoming Florida trip. They allow a range of motion and certain freedom . . . that traditional board shorts I wear just cannot provide! Madeira Beach watch out!

    When I have traveled to beaches in Europe women seem to wear what they like and there is not an age cutoff for the bikini style, at least on the Aegean Coast and Ibiza.

  6. Chadlee says:

    Yep…you look great (opinion of a 47 year old man)

  7. sushilove51 says:

    nice post. by the way wine gets you ripped!

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