Are you kidding me?  I’m a Leo, the word patience is not in my vocabulary…that’s like telling me there’s a sale on my favourite brand and then saying but you need to wait for everyone else to have a turn first.  OMG! Really?

I’ve been told I’m a “Chariot”, meaning, having a drive to proceed or control situations or goals, (that’s taro card lingo).  Yes, I parlay the taro cards occasionally, burn me to a stake!  Thank god (not really) I tossed out that Ouija board years ago!  LOL…

Do all good things come to those who wait? What are we waiting for?  I guess that depends, I’ve been writing for over a year,” live in the moment, don’t wait for the moment to live,” right?  I go crazy when someone tells me to be patient, making me want something or someone even more, it’s like putting a cork in a genie bottle.  Seriously…I KNOW, wait and it will come but what if it doesn’t?  What am I missing while I wait, FOMO? It’s a moving target, I have to be moving forward, no reversing and parking it, that’s crazy,  backwards doesn’t exist.  Gone are the “poor me” moments, lets giddy up on life, what ever happens, happens…

That was exhausting!



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