Mercury in retrograde (not even sure what that means) with mercury levels rising, it’s all too much for me.  It’s TOO hot! I’m finding it hard to concentrate, catching myself pacing, perhaps I’m craving some rain and needing some indoor time.  Gasp! Yes, spoken like a true Vancouverite. I miss the rain!  Omg, I love all this sunshine but sometimes it nice to be inside and not have to worry about being outdoors.

Not sure if mercury had anything to do with my mind set these past few days, actually, full disclosure, I know it didn’t but I did have an interesting turn of events.  I had several conversations with a friend that I never thought possible, taking me to Venus.  In Roman mythology, Venus was the Goddess of Love, embodying beauty, seduction, sexuality, and the female powers of persuasion. Yep, I said that…

The distraction continues, not sure what to do with myself…

Music helps, having a dance party for one, listening to anything that reminds me of that moment. “Side Effects” by the Chain Smokers ” it’s amazing, I dare you to listen to it only once!




4 thoughts on “Mercury

  1. This is very good to hear, although I am thinking REALLY, YOU WANT TO BE INSIDE?!!!!? Save that for winter. It’s in the 70s at night here, 80s during the day, so it’s perfect. I am riding so hard right now, on consecutive days (5 straight days of hard, hard, hard mountain bike rides) that tonight is a rest day out on the deck. I love it.

    Let’s hope the song continues….

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