New Year’s eve

I’m officially exhausted…and then someone asks me, what’s up for New Year’s?

New Year’s eve…I gotta be honest,  I have a love hate relationship with this holiday, I give it an eye roll every year.  For me, by the time I have finished preparing and celebrating Christmas, the last thing I feel like doing  is celebrating another holiday.   I can’t even fathom the idea of more eating and drinking…well, perhaps if it’s a glass of champagne?  The thought of spending New Year’s on my own sounds absolutely depressing and yet spending it with (no offence) my married friends seems slightly worse.  My son’s are older and they will definitely  want to do their own thing…there’s NO way I’ll be able to convince them to hang around with me and eat cheese fondue.    I looked into escaping the entire holiday, only to find a further depressing price tag to fly or stay anywhere!  What to do….could literally stick my head in the sand and hope it will just go away….even as I write this, I can feel the anxiety building.

I use to love New Years…

In my 20’s, planning the last night of the year was such an event.  Shopping for the perfect “sparkly” outfit and phoning  (pre internet) around to see who was having the best New Year’s party was first and foremost, you couldn’t have one without the other.    It wasn’t until I had young children that the evening took on an entirely different tone, which is to say,  a family evening with friends and same aged children.  Gone was the “sparkly” dress which was replaced with stylish winter attire, sigh…

I have a couple favourite New Year’s, neither involved a party or children but instead,  a lovely romantic dinner for two, both with different people, I remember those evenings vividly.  There is something to be said about a quiet evening for two, although,  when the clock strikes 12, I find myself wishing to be on a dance floor somewhere, celebrating,  I guess I’m still that 20 something girl at heart.

I hate to sound negative, it’s not my intent.  I love a New Year’s done well, a party with close friends and family, an intimate party for two or a full out celebration giving me an excuse to shop for another “sparkly” dress…there are no exceptions.

For me, New Year’s Eve is mysterious and unknown as the coming year,  I’m hoping that all of my ideas, plans and resolutions will make it easier for me to say good bye to 2017.  I know, I’m putting too much thought into a holiday that most people wish would go away.  But, it is significant, you wouldn’t send your best friend off to the airport alone, so I am giving this year (a good friend) a great send off, with or without the “sparkly” dress and hopefully with good friends to join me.



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