My Christmas Carol…

    I don’t perceive myself as an “Ebenezer Scrooge” type and yet there are definitely parts of the Christmas holiday when I have those “bah humbug” moments.  I don’t think   I’m alone.  Let’s face it, Christmas can be stressful at the best of times,  I’m trying very hard not to get caught up in all the “crazy”, if that’s at all possible.    I’m slowly getting excited about the holidays,  no thanks to the early elaborate Christmas displays and the holiday music blaring throughout the stores, it’s borderline shoving it in your face.    We’ve been brain washed into an early holiday season, again,  panic has set in!    Seriously though, I’m actually okay with it, sometimes you have to say, what the fuck and enjoy it for what it is!  Just remember to breathe…if you don’t find that perfect gift, its okay, so long as it’s not mine, LOL!

My last post was about my Christmas “past”, my memories as a child and keeping traditions with my own family going forward.  My Christmas “present” will be slightly different, maybe a bit complicated, factoring in my split from my husband and that my children who are older, will probably have plans of their own, Christmas is forever evolving.

I love to “deck the halls” so to speak but after much protest from my family about purchasing an artificial tree,  I’ve been forced to buy a “real” Christmas tree, my older son who is away at university definitively said “I’m not coming home from school if you have a fake tree”  my younger son informing me that he will be throwing the fake one out!  So with that, bylaws or no bylaws, it will be a covert operation with a stealth late night arrival of a “fresh” Christmas tree to our home which will be decked in traditional fashion.  At least that’s the plan for now…

My sons and I (my youngest never making it to the end) usually stay up late on Christmas Eve to watch “A Christmas Carol,” the best version (my opinion) with Alister Sims.   Last year we switched it up for “Love Actually” and I’m hoping we continue the tradition this year, regardless of the movie choice.  Christmas Eve has always been about hanging out together and guessing the presents under the tree because that’s what kids do, right?  We never grow up…

Christmas morning will undoubtedly be me waking up first,  gone are those 5 am mornings with little feet running through the house to open stockings.  I know what you’re thinking, yes, they were adorable when they were little and to be honest, they’re still adorable, even grown up.  Coffee is first and formost but with a large swig of Bailey’s, of course!   Opening presents… this is not a ceremonious event, nor are we that family that lingers over breakfast prior to gift opening, please, who does that?!   It’s literally a race to the tree, a little organized chaos with gift wrap flying in every direction but careful to note who the gift was from.  At the end of it, my mom will undoubtably  try to rescue any bits of  carnage to reuse for the following  year.  Somethings you just can’t change.

I have no intention of changing the Christmas dinner menu, I have been serving up the same turkey dinner for as long as I can remember, everyone seems to love (so they tell me)  keep it simple…if it ain’t broke why fix it, right?!   As for who’s sitting around the table this year, it’s  still a work in progress…I enjoy having a large crowd, however, this year might be an “intimate” size guest list.    I’ve learned from my mother, always cook more than you need, that said, we’ll have lots of food for any last-minute guests, wink, wink…

My Christmas’ “yet to come” or Christmas future,  conjures up many thoughts.  What will that look like?  My sons with partners and children?   Will my mom live to see her 100th Christmas, I hope so.   Will my ex-husband and his future girlfriends be joining me for turkey dinners, most likely not.  LOL…I didn’t say I would be crazy in the future!  How will the world look then?  Will it be possible to turn on the news one day to hear that “people are making a difference and  the world is a better place?”  My wish for this Christmas is to slow down and not stress about the holidays, it’s hard when you have “lists”  one more of this and I need to pick up that, at the end of the day, none of us need anything.    Enjoy the wonderful things in your  Christmas “present”,  it’s also important to make a difference or conscious change in some little way, so that we “all” have many more Christmas’ “yet to come”.






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