May 5, 2024

Parisian Vibes: Embracing Self-Expression Through Style

In the iconic streets of Paris, where every turn feels like a scene from a fashion magazine, I’m soaking up the diverse styles that define the city. From chic cafes to bustling boutiques, there’s a vibe here that says, “Be you, unapologetically.”

As I wander through the Marais or along the Seine, I’m impressed by the fearless self-expression of Parisians. Whether it’s a classic trench coat paired with sneakers or bold prints mixed with vintage finds, there’s no shortage of creativity on display.

The only rule is to let your personality shine through your wardrobe. In this city, fashion isn’t about following trends—it’s about embracing who you are. Style = Self-Expression, where every outfit tells a story, and individuality is celebrated with every step.

You are what you wear, and there’s only one chance to make a first impression.

I fell victim to self-doubt (it happens) when choosing the perfect outfit for an event. For most, this would have been no big deal. However, I struggled and felt constrained in my decision, and I needed to be authentic.

I consider myself to have a good sense of style, or stylish; fashionably elegant and sophisticated. Also, I’m not afraid to take risks so long as I’m not looking inappropriate. I am very aware. In other words, there are no crop tops for this gal; that ship has sailed. But I’m happy to embrace plenty of other trends that haven’t taken over the masses and compliment my shape.

My style?

Depending on my mood, I love a classic, sophisticated look with a bit of an edge. But, if it feels too polished, I like to add some element to my outfit that stands out from the rest. The punctuation mark. And that can be something as simple as wearing a pair of vintage earrings, or several strands of pearls with a t-shirt or a jacket with unique detailing worn with something unexpected. I love the juxtaposition. Based on this intel, you have a pretty good sense of my personality. Right?

I will never look trashy. I believe that leaving something to the imagination is sexy, although I just purchased a bodysuit with a very low plunging neckline that contradicts this belief. Despite this, I will style it in my own special way (tastefully) so as not to give off the wrong impression.

There is nothing cookie-cutter about me, so why would I wear the same as everyone else? That said, I will not fall victim to overly-trendy fashion. And if I do, I will choose something worthy of adding to my wardrobe. So naturally, it has to be pretty f***king fabulous.

And if you catch yourself wearing a particular trend and notice everyone else seems to be doing the same, congratulations—you have successfully become one with the herd.

Be an individual

If it makes you feel good, wear that crazy bright orange jacket with those green pants; it’s a statement and says a lot about the person you are—probably creative, energetic, adventurous, and confident. By the way, orange and green are opposing colours; however, if cleverly worn together, this combination can be killer—just say’n.

Designer fashion can be costly; choose wisely. With that, I’m not about logos, finding myself ahead of the trend with the term quiet luxury (yes, it’s a trend). Of course, there are a few exceptions that couldn’t be avoided. I try to stray away from flashy entirely. And to be clear, flashy is different from making a statement.

At 59, while I’ve developed a strong sense of my own style and preferences, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a fashionista. While I’m not afraid to take occasional fashion risks (e.g., the white tule skirt in the photograph, not my usual), there’s a whole other level of style that I admire from afar and aspire to reach, even if just a bit.

Err on the side of caution

Don’t choose safe. While I’m well-versed in appropriateness—knowing when to wear what and when to hold back—sometimes, questioning myself is a sign that I should push the boundaries. Rather than shying away, I choose to embrace the challenge, stepping out of my comfort zone and taking risks. It’s in these moments that I reveal my true colours and reap the ultimate benefits.

So yes, I wear sequins with denim, and it’s not scary. Try it!

Fashion is self-expression; it’s freedom of speech.

As a woman, I appreciate that I have the freedom to express myself in any way I choose—a privilege not afforded to many. In some regions, women endure silence and stringent restrictions, especially concerning their clothing choices.

Strolling around Paris in just a jacket, bra, and tulle skirt during the day? Now that’s empowering!

Personal style is so much more than mere garments; it serves as a canvas for expressing our personality, character, mood, and individuality. Amidst life’s uncertainties, I firmly believe that embracing one’s authentic self far outweighs the allure of any trend or style that fails to resonate with our true essence.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak..” Rachel Zoe

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