December 13, 2023

Get Your Fabulous Back

Get your fabulous back.

Where did she go? Amidst the noise of daily life, the search for one’s true, fabulous self often gets drowned out. Well, it’s time to dust off those sequins and reclaim the dazzling, unapologetically fabulous version of yourself.

Life seems busier than ever. Take some time for self-reflection. What evokes that feeling of fabulousness for you, and when was the last time you experienced it? Was it a moment in your career or perhaps the career you left behind? Maybe it was a leisurely walk with a friend on a beautiful day or an unforgettable trip. It could be anything, that sensation of vibrating at your highest frequency 😉 The feeling you could conquer all! Has it been a while?

With that, if you know me, you would know that I have a love-hate relationship with the holiday season. Doesn’t everybody? So, getting away before the chaos and taking a quick trip to Mexico felt like just what I needed—sun, surf, and sand – the ultimate cure.

While I realize not everyone can jet off to Mexico on a whim, here are a few suggestions to reignite your fabulousness.

Define your fabulous

Getting into that fabulous vibe is about embracing positivity, self-care, and confidence. What does fabulous mean to you? For me, it begins with putting myself first. Society might make us feel guilty, but it’s time to ditch the guilt.

Mindset matters

Keep a positive mindset. If you’re talking bad sh*t about yourself, how will you ever rise above? Stop the negative talk. Remember, you are fabulous! Embracing a positive self-image is key to feeling amazing, so give yourself the credit you deserve and let that positivity shine through. Cultivate a mindset that uplifts you, and watch how it transforms your thoughts and your entire outlook on life.

Self-Care Rituals

Explore some new self-care rituals. Dive into a yoga class, or double up on your workouts at the gym. I know for me, I love to complain about my workouts on my way in, but I feel fabulous when I’m done. It wakes up my endorphins and energizes me, making me feel like I can tackle anything.

Consider a hobby— something near and dear to your heart which makes you feel fabulous, giving you a sense of accomplishment. Heck! It could be as simple as tossing away the alarm clock. A good night’s sleep (aka your reset button) is fundamental for overall health, impacting physical, mental and emotional well-being. And it doesn’t cost a cent!

Fashion and Style

Who doesn’t feel fabulous in something new to wear? That expression, “dress for success,” holds true. Clothing can make you feel confident, hence your success. Are you getting this? Is there something you love to wear that gives you this feeling?

I love getting dressed up for an event, the whole shebang, with hair and makeup. Add some gorgeous heels, and I’m ready for anything. But it could be as simple as a favourite coat and a touch of lipgloss that gives you the confidence to take on the world.

Confidence Boosters

Did you know that Martha Stewart started her company when she was 50?! Yes, you read that right—she was 50! So, if you’re sitting there thinking it’s too late to reinvent yourself or start something new, think again. With the new year approaching, get a jump start on setting small goals, ones that you can achieve and work your way up. Surround yourself with positive influences, your cheerleaders who always make you feel good about yourself and boost your confidence. It’s never too late to embark on a new journey and discover your untapped potential.

Embrace Uniqueness

The world would be incredibly boring if we were all the same. Embracing your individuality is a key component of feeling fabulous. No one can be like you! You are you. Be confident with the person you have become. Don’t fall into the trap of conformity.

I’ve spent my entire life fighting to be my most authentic self. When everyone was chasing something because it was cool or on trend, I was the one saying no, not for me. What do you crave, wish for, or want? Embrace your unique desires, and don’t be afraid to stand out in a world that celebrates diversity.


Moreover, be thankful. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and let’s be real—not all of them are the good, happy kind. However, cultivating an attitude of gratitude can turn challenges into opportunities and setbacks into lessons. Take a moment to appreciate the journey, the lessons learned, and the strength gained along the way.

Connect with Others

Surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you. Build a supportive network of friends, family, and colleagues. Let these folks know when you’re struggling and need a confidence boost. Search them out; they are your cheerleaders, and no one wants to see you fail.

Set Boundaries

Establishing healthy boundaries in my personal and professional life has been challenging, especially in learning when to say no confidently. The pressure to say yes can sometimes cause anxiety or resentment. This coming from an extrovert! It’s important to recognize when to decline invitations, like skipping that dinner party and opting to stay home if it alleviates the stress of going out. I can’t emphasize this enough: say NO—give it a try, say it aloud, NO! Prioritizing self-care by allowing yourself the space to breathe can play a significant role in reclaiming your fabulousness.

Learn Something New

Be fearless. Change is good; try something new. Why? Remember Martha Stewart? She took simple things she loved to do and turned them into a billion-dollar business. Whether that’s everyone’s dream or not, the process of learning can be invigorating and contribute to a sense of accomplishment. If you’re not changing or evolving while trying something new, then what keeps you going? Step out of your comfort zone with a new hobby, skill, or experience. Who knows where that could lead?

Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. I spent an hour figuring out how to add a popup CTA (call to action) on my website. I know it sounds boring, but that’s my point. Creating or finishing something should be celebrated. You did your taxes on your own? Yay! You caught a fish? Yay! A new dance move? Yay! Simple right?

Each step forward is a victory on the journey to reclaiming one’s fabulous self.

Feel fabulous because you are.

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