February 10, 2022

Guilt-Free Jewellery

I love jewellery, especially the type that SPARKLES, so why wait for someone else to buy it for us?

My affair with jewellery started waaay back when I was a little girl sitting in the dentist’s chair, which was my worst nightmare. I hated the dentist, BUT he always let me choose a pretty ring (my reward) at the end of each visit, and with that, my collection grew. I would stash my precious rings in tissue and tuck them away in a drawer to admire later. Unfortunately, unbeknown to my mother, who was tidying my room, she noticed the crumpled tissue (I must have left it out) and assumed it was garbage. To my horror, she tossed it out!

I cried a lot of tears that day.

My first purchase

I had just turned 21 and wanted a special piece of jewellery for the occasion. My girlfriends and I were visiting Florence at the time, and we discovered a quaint jewellery store selling beautifully handcrafted pieces. Having limited funds, I found a pretty gold band within my budget. I purchased the ring on the spot and have worn it ever since.

I love that I made this purchase on my own. It was a bold decision at the time, but I felt it was deserving, and I cherish my ring and that moment in Italy.

Aside from the occasional piece of costume jewelry purchased from a department store, my gold ring was the only real piece of jewelry I had bought for myself.


Over the years, I was gifted several beautifully selected jewellery pieces by my husband. I know he stressed about finding that “just right” piece. I loved a few choices, and I thought he didn’t understand my tastes with some. Those pieces would eventually find their way back to the store for an exchange or return. And I would feel incredibly guilty for not loving his selection.

Jewellery is very personal. Trying to predict what someone would adorn on a finger or around the neck is a tough decision, especially when there’s an expensive cost involved.

Our twentieth anniversary was the tipping point of our marriage. Perhaps my expectations were more than that of my husband. OR at least that’s how it felt. So, leaving myself to my own devices, I purchased my anniversary gift.

You know the rule, never shop for groceries when you’re hungry? Let’s just say it’s never a good idea to shop when you’re angry.

Finding the doorways to Tiffany’s, Cartier and Birks didn’t take long. So naturally, I wanted to prove a point but not break the bank (omg, so practical). So I left the jeweller’s “high fiving” the sales associate, leaving with a lovely TAG watch inset with diamonds. I loved my watch, but sadly I didn’t love what it represented.


I found myself strolling along rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, filled with beautiful boutiques and high-end jewellery stores. A stunning ring caught my eye in the window at Boucheron. I tried it on, and it was as pretty on as it was off. But, of course, I was trying to justify the cost and everything else I had been through to deserve this ring. Regrettably, I left the store only with the style number and clerk’s name.

Unlike Charlotte York from SATC, I did not wear my wedding ring admiringly around the house after my separation. It came off and went straight back into its original blue velvet box. What will become of this significant piece of jewellery?

I eventually purchased a ring in its place. It has no diamonds, there is no bling, it’s simple and modern, and I wear it every day. It’s neither a reward nor a special occasion nor the dream ring I have always wanted. But it’s special because I chose it for myself.

Not my last purchase

We overlook the importance of celebrating ourselves and what we’ve accomplished. Purchasing a piece of jewellery can be empowering and a gift to yourself. I’m not suggesting you blow the bank, lord knows I’ve tried, but a small monumental piece can bring you joy. Isn’t that important? Strangely, we’ll spend hundreds of dollars on clothing items or accessories for the home, but jewellery always takes the back seat, considered frivolous.

Stop the guilt, and stop waiting for that someone to buy that particular piece you’ve been eying, if not jewellery, then whatever your heart set on.

I love this…

Bidding on a Diamond Flower Ring, Samantha Jones from SATC understood the importance of purchasing a piece of jewellery for herself, “this flower ring is the essence of me. One of a kind, filled with fire.


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