January 25, 2022

My New Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and while that may be true, my heart wasn’t excited about my ho-hum kitchen. That said, It wasn’t a horrible kitchen. On the contrary, it served a purpose for five years while I contemplated its fate. The design was probably very “of the moment” when built 12 years ago. And for some who are not convinced, aside from inadequate storage, a postage stamp island (which made gatherings and meal prep a nightmare), cheap laminate floors, and a barbie size refrigerator. For these reasons alone, my kitchen was slated for demolition.

Take your time…

I was eager to start renovating my kitchen as soon as I moved in, BUT I highly recommend you live in your space and get to know it and how it functions. Also, do your homework with so many great resources available, such as; design magazines and websites like Houzz, Pinterest, and even Instagram. You should have no issues finding what you love. Compile your favourites and use them as your inspiration and starting point.



What a fluke! I was having a conversation with friends when, randomly, I mentioned, “By the way, I’m doing a kitchen renovation.” The mere thought of dumping my old kitchen into a landfill would be a sad day. However, fate had other plans in store. Coincidentally, my friends were in need of a kitchen for their rental property. It was as if the stars had aligned perfectly! I love when this happens. Not only would my old kitchen find a new purpose, but it would also have a new home, creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Reduce your stress…

Until you’re ready to commit to a renovation, it’s just an idea and a tape measure.

And depending on those great ideas and the scope of your project, you should consider hiring a designer. They will create a design with your lifestyle in mind, keep you on track and help you through the decision process of your renovation while avoiding costly mistakes. In other words, they will make your life waaay easier!

Enter friend, architect and interior designer Heather Howat of BattersbyHowat to interpret and create my vision. Having worked with Heather and her partner on a previous project, I knew exactly what to expect. I was very familiar with her modern design aesthetics and attention to detail, which in the end, delivered a renovation that exceeded my expectations. And yes, I’m fangirling, which isn’t hard to do.

This goes without saying. Hire a contractor. Word of mouth is a great reference, and factor in several months before your contractor will be available. There’s a long waiting list!

Be patient…

Even with the best-executed plans, prepare yourself for the unexpected. That’s exactly what happened when my floor tiles arrived. They weren’t what I ordered! What?! The universe obviously had a different plan and wanted me to install this soft gray tile instead. I can’t imagine having used anything else. Gotta love those “happy mistakes.”

I’ve heard stories; it’s like an urban myth. People are waiting months and months to receive their appliances (among other random items), which seem to be taking forever to arrive. I purchased my dishwasher in June, and it’s still missing; calling it a supply chain issue and a sign of the times. And, with no confirmed E.T.A. insight, proving that it’s not an urban myth.



New built-in cabinets have a generous amount of storage (accessible from the kitchen and the living room), replacing an old set of IKEA bookcases.

My contractor and designer kept me focused and on schedule. As a result, my renovation took only eight weeks to complete from start to finish. I LOVE my new kitchen, its clean lines, simplicity, and all the additional storage missing from my old kitchen, including the built-ins in the living room. I’m a minimalist at heart, and having a place for everything and everything in its place gives me calm. And in these times, it’s essential.

Overall my renovation went smoothly, yes, there were a few glitches, but I couldn’t have done it without a fantastic team.

Are you planning a renovation soon? I would love to hear about it; send me a note in the comments.

The Details

Floor tiles by Graniti Fiandre – in colour Aster Maximum Mercury V2 150cm x 100cm size (60″x40″)

Counters and Backsplash are by Caesar Stone – Palm Shade #515 (honed finish)

Cabinets by Farrells Custom Woodwork

Appliances – Bosch

Sink/faucet by Bianco

Paint for Cabinets and walls – Chantilly lace by Benjamin Moore


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