It’s officially December, and for the first time, I’m not panicked. What?! Instead, I’m trying to embrace the holiday season; honestly, what else have we got going on? It’s perfect timing. I think most of us need something to look forward to, 2020 has been a bust, definitely, one to put behind us once and for all!

Making spirits bright, means listening to Christmas music, and let’s be honest, there’s only so much one can tolerate in this genre. However, I am slightly obsessed with Sia, and her Album “Everyday is Christmas”! Yes, yes, I know, it’s only December 1st how could I possibly be obsessed? There is something to be said about getting into the spirit of Christmas, music as you know, gets me there. So, I’ve been hitting repeat over and over, loving “Snowman.” There’s a bit of a back story as to why I love this song. Reminding me of “Lily and the Snowman,” a short trailer played in theatres during the holiday season. This trailer has been around for several years, it’s the sweetest thing, warming my heart and bringing a tear to my eye, you can’t help it. I’ve included the clip below for you to enjoy, be prepared to have some tissue near by. Sia’s song “Snowman” completes the story for me.

Getting ready for the holiday season also means going downstairs and tackling my overstuffed locker. Let’s be clear; I’ve been circling it like a shark, procrastinating at all costs. UGH! I know, once I commit, I have to go through with it. Right? Christmas is coming, and there’s no turning back, I’m ready, bring it on! Trees and decorations, glitter and twinkle lights, cedar boughs and holly, a wreath on the door and shortbread! It’s a bit of a production but all worthwhile in the end. It’s family time, which is fine by me. This year there will be no rushing around like a crazy person, no Christmas parties and no drinks with friends and the “NO” list goes on. It’s a simple end to a year, which has been anything but simple.

I’m looking forward to a quieter holiday, celebrating Christmas at home with my boys, and if we’re lucky a bit of snow.


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