I’m another year older, I know, it’s inevitable, and this time it’s during a pandemic! Fun! I gotta say, there are days that I appreciate the simplicity of life during these times, celebrating a birthday is no exception. I wanted to keep my birthday plans easy and stress-free, restaurants are open, but, it’s just not the same with servers wearing masks and rubber gloves, it’s a bit of a mood kill.  So, instead, I requested a sunset picnic at the beach. The universe must have been listening; it handed us a gorgeous sunny day on a platter. Perfect!

These are different times, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and every other milestone you can imagine have now taken the back seat. Large gatherings are not an option, forcing us to think outside the box. We’ve done our fair share of zoom calls, they were fine for a while, but seriously, it’s enough now. I miss the good old days when we would hug, now there’s a weird awkwardness, “I don’t know who you are hanging with and so I can’t hug you because you might not be social distancing and that would be stupid!” Phew! In the end, you do some silly elbow to elbow bump thing.

Celebrating during a pandemic can be a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. Try to limit your guest list to a maximum of 6 people, we were an intimate group of four, and to be honest, it was just right. Take advantage of the summer weather and the longer days, although, they’re getting shorter, a picnic is still a great way to entertain. I know, we’ve all had our share of picnics, but slightly elevated makes it feel special and isn’t that what a celebration is about? Making the day, or moment special?  Full disclosure, I purchased new beach chairs, so cute, they’re comfortable too and, it set the tone for all the other tidbits. Pack your good china, glasses and cutlery; it won’t break, we’re  adults now, I think we can handle it! Plan an easy menu,  we decided on  roast chicken à la WholeFoods, served with a few homemade  salads and a french baguette, delicious! Lastly, a celebration wouldn’t be a celebration without a little bubbly beverage or two…cue the music, ah yes, a little Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto as the sun slips into the ocean.

Birthday parties? I love them, but, for now, or until this virus is under control, we need to do our part by staying safe and healthy. It was a great birthday celebrating at the beach with my peeps; I’m looking forward to normal times soon, hugs all around:)

2 thoughts on “A COVID BIRTHDAY

  1. Happy (obviously belated) birthday 🎂🥂💃❣️❣️
    Wishes are still sent with big hugs and the warmest wishes!,


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