July 26, 2020

Facing Your Fears

Skydiving? Never! Rock climbing? Definitely not! Riding on the back of a motorbike? Maybe? Call me a wuss, but these extreme activities scare the living shit out of me! There are different triggers when it comes to fear, and we all manage them differently. So, what’s a girl to do when her guy wants to whisk her away on his motorbike for the weekend? Lol, take the bait and hope she survives?

My nerves were trashed just thinking about it, laying awake for most of the night, replaying an imaginary crash in my head because I like to worst-case scenario. Other contributing factors that don’t sit well are how I’ve been very clear with my sons, advocating against riding or owning a motorbike, “you’ll never own one while I’m alive”. Have I just become my own worst hypocrite?!


Being vulnerable, feeling inadequate, taking risks or not being able to say no to something can be scary. Sometimes we’re forced to throw on our happy faces and suck it up before going to war. Even when my world crumbled, I sucked it up, looking fear straight in its ugly face. Guess what? I got through it! Holy shit! I got through it, someway, somehow, I survived!

What might be terrifying for one person is a cakewalk for another, our tolerance level for fear varies. Having a Teflon shield to deflect those moments might make embracing challenges easier, although having confidence in yourself truly is the Teflon.

Starting something new has recently stopped me in my tracks, stuck, unable to move forward, and procrastinating because I’m having one of those scary moments. I lack confidence and feel inadequate. Am I good enough? I can’t stand the idea of being judged or being labelled a “wannabe”. I need validation that I’m good enough. Hell, I want to be amazing! Rejection is hard to swallow, and taking the first step is even harder. I’m struggling to get on my feet.

Flying to Montreal post-COVID, I was seated next to a young man who, by chance, happened to be a pilot. Score! I’m not the best at takeoff. In fact, I’ve only recently overcome my fear of flying. My new pilot friend was super helpful with the bumps in the air during our flight, explaining air travel 101 to me and giving me the tools for future getaways. Being informed and doing the research before a new project or adventure will help you land on your feet. 


Whether it’s takeoff or taking your first kayak lesson (also new to me), the key here is to try it. I am guilty of not trying a lot of things, granted, there are some things I will never try, you don’t have to love everything, but it’s possible, of those things you try, you may discover you, love…

Getting out of your comfort zone can be frightening. Take baby steps, and have confidence in yourself (your Teflon shield). You’re braver than you think. 


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  1. To try is to to discover living . Thanks for sharing your inspiring adventure.

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