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Essentially, I'm your friend down the street who started blogging, and then life threw lemons (AKA Divorce), and suddenly I found myself here, talking to you! 
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The universe works in mysterious ways…I had a chance meeting last weekend, which led to an interview on a national radio talk show. I know, right?! This is a perfect example of the universe in action, doing its thing, pushing you toward something or someone. The lesson here is ALWAYS BE OPEN…

Maureen McGrath is a leading sexual health expert, her show the “Sunday Night Health Show” is on 980 CKNW radio. She recently read my blog and invited me to chat on her show last night. I have done a lot of things in my life but talking on the radio is definitely a new one for me. Full disclosure, I was nervous, I had 15 minutes to discuss my relationships, dating, family, and “what would I suggest to people out there trying to keep it together during a pandemic?” No pressure! It should be simple to talk about myself, after all, I know myself best, right? It’s exercising a different section of the brain, a part that I clearly need to exercise more often. Back in the day, I used to teach aerobic classes,  there were 50 plus pairs of eyes staring at me, watching my every move. At first, I was horrified, but after having a few classes under my belt, my confidence improved. The point being, sometimes, doing something that scares you can be the best confidence booster. To be clear, I’m not planning on hosting any talk shows any time soon… but it would be fun;)

“Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good. ”

– Diane Von Furstenberg

I gotta say, overall, this was a really fun experience, despite my nerves. It forced me to revisit my blogs, holy moly, there’s quite a few to go through. This was a great opportunity for me to reach out to everyone listening. We all have a story to tell, I enjoy sharing mine with you. If anything, I hope that I am relatable, helpful and make you laugh, if just a bit.

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click below to hear the interview

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Maureen McGrath – Sunday Night Health Show

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  1. Congratulations Llorea! I can’t wait to listen to it.

  2. Rob Philipp says:

    GREAT GREAT blog!! And quick.

    Just rechatting w Oli about it! You rocked!! (You always do!!)


  3. catherine lancaster says:

    You go girl!! 😘 Congratulations 🙌 woohoo I was going to call you to see what you’ve been up to . But … I see you’ve been busy. XO

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