It snowed last night, and for this west coast girl, it brings the child out in me. Don’t get me wrong, as long as I don’t need to drive anywhere, I love it, snow angels and all.  For those of you who live in subzero temperatures, you must be exhausted looking at all that fluffy white snow now turned to brown sludge. Am I right? We don’t experience snow very often in Vancouver, so when it does fall, it’s beautiful to see the city covered in a white blanket. Cold and white outside, a snow day is like playing hooky, for me, an excuse to get caught up on all that mundane paperwork  I’ve been procrastinating.  I love that I can sit at my kitchen table aka my office and get caught up on this and that, checking off one more thing on my to-do list and making another cup of coffee, perhaps, this time with Baileys? I promise you I only had one, lol!

abstract art background blue sky
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When my boys were younger, a snow day meant spending the day outside. Oh my gosh, the number of times I bundled them up in snow gear, making sure only their sweet little faces were exposed. So much fun to watch from my window as my boys played in the snow, building funny snowmen, there would be a little knock on the door…” mom, do you have a carrot?” So cute! Eventually, I would make my way outside, usually with a snow shovel in hand, and usually, me shovelling! A snow day always ended with the three of us back inside making hot chocolate, because that’s what you do.

A snow day, an excuse to do something or nothing or appreciate how pretty it is, I miss those days of snowmen and hot chocolate.



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