February 5, 2019

Do You Have Unfinished Business?

By definition, therapists use this term to describe emotions and or memories surrounding past experiences that a person has avoided or repressed. 

So, if you ask me if I have unfinished business, I would say hell yeah! Don’t we all have some version of this? If you answered no, I would ask yourself, seriously, nothing?

There are many things I would love to tackle. I am a constant work in progress. Please don’t say you’re content. Maybe you’ve swept those thoughts under the rug for now, but those dust bunnies need to come out at some point. Think hard, I promise you, there has to be something. I’ve had my fair share of ugly cry moments on the kitchen floor.

For whatever reason, something always manages to snap me out of it, making me realize this is just a hiccup, a burp, whatever; there is nothing wrong with a good cry to make everything feel better. Right? Thankfully, those moments are long gone, and the good news is that more incredible moments can be had.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine these moments through our daily crap. We are creatures of habit, stuck in our routines and forgetting to make time for important things. Think outside the box. What have you been craving, missing or trying to resolve in your life, you’re unfinished business?

So when I ask, “Do you have unfinished business?” What comes to mind? Is there something you haven’t dealt with or completed? What do you wish for? Would you like to start or finish something? Do you think about that dream job you’re not good enough for? Why not? What’s stopping you? Is there someone you need to forgive or they of you? What about school? Perhaps a degree in something? It’s never too late. Is there someone not in your life that you wish they were? What would it take to make this happen?

Better yet, what does it look like or feel like? Are you getting excited? What about reconnecting with a certain someone from your past? Perhaps the timing was wrong? It’s ok to have butterflies. Go for it. It’s natural to feel this way. What’s locked inside of you that you need to let go of, and what do you need to hang on to? Travel and Adventure? Yes, please!

These are simple questions to ask yourself. Lately, I’ve had this burning desire to make a few things happen, “my unfinished business” stepping outside my box. Yes, there are a few loose ends I would like to tidy up, but they are all good. But, deciding maybe now is the time. You choose what your unfinished business will be; what does it look like? Take that leap of faith and go for it; whatever “it” is, regardless of your business, you have nothing to lose, but if you don’t try, that’s the loss, making it worth it.



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