I know what he looks like from his profile photo but I don’t know him. He’s a perfect stranger that I’ve let into my world recently. Is it safe? My intuition says definitely.  There’s a lot of questions going back and forth on both sides, perhaps too many? Texting as if we’re old friends, it’s effortless and feels natural. Bringing the schoolgirl out in me, what?! Who is this girl? Better yet, who’s the guy on the other side of the world making me feel this way? I’m trying hard not to over think this. He asks… “How many frogs have I kissed?” Does it matter? If I’ve kissed 100 frogs, doesn’t that make me unsure of myself? And if I kissed only a few frogs, shouldn’t that make me confident knowing what I like or want? Why do we make it so hard on ourselves? Those are good questions Llorea, why do we need to experience so much when it comes to love? To be clear, I believe there is more than one soul mate for all of us. Ditch the fairytale and believe you can have more than one love, in fact, there is a reason and a purpose for every relationship. I like to refer to as chapters.  Yes, we learn and grow from all of our experiences. Love is a beautiful thing but there are way too many rules in my opinion.  Isn’t this suppose to get easier as you get older? No one wants to have their heartbroken. I get it, so maybe, we should be approaching this love thing differently?  I’m not suggesting you date and fall in love with every person you meet, I don’t even think it’s possible.  We can’t control our destiny but we can control our decisions going forward.  If it feels right and it makes you go WOW, isn’t that the moment you tell yourself, this might be something? Duh? So run with it, enjoy every moment and don’t get ahead of yourself, remember to live in the moment.  I spent most of my life planning my future and forgetting to enjoy the moment, yes, guilty as charged! I think a lot of us can relate to this. Stop the insanity, let’s be happy with what’s in front of us, say WOW to something that rarely comes along. Enjoy it for what it’s meant to be, it could be a forever love (fingers crossed) but you’ll never know unless you free fall and let things happen how they’re supposed to.

Don’t be afraid to love in the moment…

here goes!



2 thoughts on “I DON’T KNOW HIM

  1. I found myself smiling as soon as I started reading this one. Aren’t you the one that has told me to just go for it, don’t worry too much about what happens? Enjoy yourself! Flirt. If he doesn’t work out, so what. One thing I learned from the last year, with D — it’s worth doing something for yourself. I found out what it’s like to be close to someone again, someone who knew how to make me feel good, who brought me close and made me feel like a man again… which I needed.

    Kiss the frog. I dare you.

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