December 1, 2018

My Ruby Slippers

It was a very last minute trip to Honolulu with a good friend, I know, it sounds decadent, or at least you’re thinking that. BUT if you read my last post, I WAS NOT ready to come home from my recent trip to France and Italy. I still needed to blitz away somewhere, anywhere. Hawaii seemed like the perfect fit.  That said, I’m still trying to find the right balance in this new life of mine, another lesson in more change but in a good way. To be clear, I’m reinventing the wheel, (my wheel) finding my new normal, giving it a tweak here and there, as required. Not even sure what it means exactly, except that I am pushing forward those dreams and desires. FINALLY! Fantasizing about what my future life looks like, removing the word fantasy and replacing it with the word reality.

Who knew that a new pair of shoes could make me rethink the way I look at my life.   Making plans in my head and sharing with my friend, “ if I don’t create this fabulous life in my mind, it will never happen”.  If my shoe selection (Red Velvet Valentino pumps)  is any indication of the life I’m planning, it will be F’N amazing.  My Ruby Slippers, if you will, helping me find my way to my destiny or perhaps into the arms of someone special?


As I lay on this beautiful beach, gazing out to the glistening surf and blue skies, I’m listening to Frank Ocean’s sultry lyrics, reminding me of a few amazing moments. A whisper in my ear and a kiss or two are permanently ingrained in my head,  I can’t turn off.

My past, clearly in my rearview mirror, a little sad but oh my god, I’m putting my best foot forward, so very excited, my dreams turning into reality.  The universe watching my every move, throwing me opportunities left, right and centre.  How can I NOT jump at these opportunities…even better in high heels, aka, my Ruby Slippers?  I’m no longer in Kansas baby!

With my eyes closed, clicking my heels, I’m wishing for a place like home but even better….perhaps with palm trees, beaches and another pair of fabulous shoes, if only to remind me that anything is possible.



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  1. Ya know, it makes me just a tiny bit envious to “see” going places and enjoying yourself. There is something to be said for not being tied down. My dreams don’t involve Paris or Hawaii, however. My dreams are the slick rock of Moab, the dirt trails in the Rockies or Whistler or the Carolinas or any number of places with dirt to ride. Red shoes are not my thing. I was just talking with a salesman of mine today, a person who has become a good friend, who calls for 30 seconds of advice and 20 minutes of how you doin’. He is getting me interested in hiking. The serenity and fitness sounds awesome….

    Sorry. I just started to comment (or talk).

    • Ya, sorry…this travel thing has been awesome, it’s finally come to a halt, well at least until February;) “my ruby slippers” is a metaphor, well sort of…you know the phrase “dress for success?” I truly believe, if you make plans in your head and start dressing or thinking about how you want your future to be, everything else will follow. Red shoes are my thing but I’m pretty sure you have this amazing life planned in your mind…start piecing it together, new hiking boots perhaps? Dream large…stay tuned for my blog on being a Bad Ass, lol…its the title of a book, u definitely should read!

  2. I like the metaphor. It’s basically dressing up a goal. Still putting the pieces together, I am afraid, but small things like getting in kick butt biking shape or getting the basics of hiking down help to get the pieces in order. I have been there and know I can get back. You have the optimism to accessorize as well — glad to see it!

    Bad Ass?
    (OK… BA Steve… leave the desk chair and get the workout started!)

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