November 1, 2018

I’ll always have Paris

I’m back in Paris, the city of love, sans mon amour…

I’ve walked your streets so many times, thinking I know you so well, only to realize there’s so much more of you to discover. You’re an attraction like no other, I’m drawn by your beauty and your sounds, I missed you.  Constantly on my mind, you’re in my head and I can’t seem to shake you. My visits to Paris are teases leaving me wanting more.  If we were lovers you would ask me to stay but we’re not and so the battle continues in my thoughts.  I’ve written previously, home is where the heart is but these days I’m not sure where that is.



Perhaps I’m looking at this entirely wrong, perhaps we’re nothing more than an attraction making this more complicated?  Am I lusting after something that’s only in my mind? That’s the million dollar question… “Oh mon Dieu,” if only I knew the answer. So torn…

close up photography of heart shaped padlock

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Give me a reason to stay, tell me anything…

Paris in my dreams is with a lover, not just an attraction but somewhere my heart will finally be home.

To be continued…



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