Deciding to give my website ICOVET a little refresh, I contacted a very good friend of mine, Nikki Baxendale, who also happens to be a fantastic photographer. With over 20 years of photography, creative direction and branding experience, I was thrilled that she would be available to help me out with my project.

I am not a model, repeat, I am not a model, being very clear about this! Nikki and I discussed my vision for my website, my message and style of photos, posed vs candid, as well as wardrobe and the location of our shoot.  Lots of things to consider and Nikki was very helpful with her recommendations about our shoot.

To make our day of photographing  less work and more play, we enlisted three girlfriends to assist with props, wardrobe changes, directing traffic and snooping around to find out “who owns that cute Vespa?”

How do I explain my experience? It was like nothing I’ve ever done before, I would highly recommend everyone try it, at least once in their lives. Honestly, it was so much fun, and yes, this modelling gig can be hard work, who knew?!  Learning poses that seriously, felt anything but natural, “put my hand where?” LOL

IMG_3314Nikki made me feel comfortable, and at ease, the three girlfriends made me laugh like I’ve never laughed.  The best part…they all made me believe that I have an inner goddess inside of me, which is a confidence boost in itself.  I can’t believe they convinced me to pose in the garden of my complex, in my UNDIES, “you can do it, Llorea!” Yep, I did it alright,  just in time for my neighbour to walk by…” Hey there, we’re just doing a photoshoot in the hydrangeas”, OMG, LOL!  I will never be able to look at that neighbour again, or maybe, him at me?

Stay tuned for some great photos, stories and opinions from yours truly…



Nikki is also a fellow award-winning blogger check out her site www.literallylife.com along with an international brand marketer, corporate and private photographer working with clients ranging from Lululemon and Disney to Katy Perry. She’s a lot of fun to work with and a non-stop creative. Her latest project is working with groups to create fun experience photography, so if you have a group of friends looking for some amazing images, be they girl about town or boudoir fun give her a call! Her website nikkibaxendalephotography

Thank you, Shanna Wickens, @ Elysian coffee roasters, for letting us take over your storefront and your awesome Vespa!

Thank you, Cody Irwin, Natural Source Snacks, we LOVE your graffiti wall, the snacks were appreciated too!

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