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I’m passionate about so many things, where do I begin? Like you, I'm on this amazing, sometimes challenging journey called life. I love to share my experiences. No topic is off limits and I'm not afraid to say it how I see it. Let's hop on this journey together!

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I was having a catch-up dinner with a friend the other night, one discussion led to the next, somehow we got on the subject of adventures.  To be honest, I don’t remember exactly how we got on the topic, perhaps we were discussing my recent snowshoe “expedition” from a few weeks ago.  My friend, who is an avid outdoors person, was happy to hear I was branching out and getting out of my comfort zone.   I did laugh, well yes, it was “super” fun, I’ve never gone snowshoeing before.  Full disclosure, 15 minutes into the hike I was already thinking about the cold beer I was going to enjoy at the finish and wondering what was on the menu for lunch.   I was definitely overdressed and working up some heat, hence the beer craving for which I usually don’t drink.  It was the perfect “first” hike in snowshoes…I’ve done worse in heels.

The conversation continues,  my friend mentions how she was never appreciative of the outdoors until well into her mid-twenties.  That surprised me, actually,  I would have expected “there ain’t no mountain high enough” for this lady.  Maybe too much wine but I went into the archives of my younger adventures…telling my friend, “I dated this guy,” actually, he was my best friends brother, I was barely 16 and he was three years older than me and extremely adventurous.   I was happy to go along for the ride to anywhere he took me.  Where do I  begin?  We fell in love on the same day Mount Saint Helen’s erupted, that’s right, no fireworks for this girl, just volcanoes! LOL.

There was never a dull moment, I swear, my boyfriend would lay awake at night, dreaming up the next adventure.  I can remember hiking and camping at the top of Garibaldi mountain, riding on the back of a Yamaha 750 special to Tofino, getting a blatter infection from ice fishing, somewhere outside of Kamloops.  I learned how to use a crossbow, I fly fished and four-wheeled to the top of some mountain near Whistler.  I learned how to sail on a home-made catamaran and skied…well sort of, it wasn’t pretty but it was that, or be left behind.  Whew! And these were just a few of the highlights, so, if I complain or give an eye roll for a new “outdoor” adventure, I think it’s justified…don’t even get me started on all the “car junkie” stuff, that’s another blog.  I don’t remember complaining at the time, I guess ignorance is bliss, or I was just crazy in love or both.

I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with great women who are forever seeking the next great adventure.  I admire their passion for trying anything and pushing me to try new things, even if it is out of my comfort zone.  Truthfully, an adventure can be anything you want it to be, you’re never too old to try new things,  force yourself, it’s easy to talk yourself out of it, I am guilty of this but I’m learning, “you cannot live great things if you live in fear.”

As for the “boyfriend,” I’m pretty sure he has a pickup truck in his driveway, with camping gear at the ready, a fishing rod and a map, waiting for the right moment.  I may not be rushing out to hike the tallest peaks but I am trying, be it big or small, life is happening around you,  go find it!


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