March 1, 2018

A Snow Adventure with Friends

I caught up with a friend over dinner recently, and we somehow ended up chatting about adventures. I can’t quite remember how we got there, but it might have had something to do with my snowshoeing trip a few weeks back.

My friend, an avid outdoors enthusiast herself, was thrilled to hear that I was stepping out of my comfort zone. I chuckled, saying, “Well, yes, it was quite an adventure; I’d never been snowshoeing before.” I went on to explain that just 15 minutes into the hike, I found myself daydreaming about the cold beer waiting for me at the finish line and wondering what was on the menu for lunch. It was a surprising craving since I’m not usually a beer drinker. I quickly realized I was overdressed and sweating, hence the sudden urge for a cold brew. Strangely enough, despite having my snowshoes on backward, it was the perfect first snowshoeing experience. I’ve faced more significant challenges in high heels!

The conversation continued, and my friend mentioned how she never truly appreciated the outdoors until well into her mid-twenties. This surprised me; I would have expected her to be the type to say, “There ain’t no mountain high enough” at any age. Perhaps it was the wine talking, but I delved into the archives of my younger adventures and told my friend, “I once dated this guy.” I was barely 16 then, and he was three years older than me, incredibly adventurous. I didn’t think twice; I was more than happy to go along for the ride wherever he took me. So, where do I begin? We fell in love the same day Mount St. Helens erupted – that’s right, no fireworks for this girl, just volcanoes! LOL.

There was never a dull moment. I swear, my boyfriend would lie awake at night, dreaming up our next adventure. I recall hiking and camping at the summit of Garibaldi Mountain, riding on the back of a Yamaha 750 Special to Tofino, joyriding in a single-engine plane (just for fun), and ice fishing somewhere near Kamloops. I learned how to use a crossbow and fly fish. We often embarked on four-wheel drives along abandoned logging roads to reach the mountain peaks near Whistler. I even learned how to sail on a homemade catamaran and attempted skiing—perhaps not with grace, but it was either ski or be left behind. And these were just a few of the highlights! So, if I ever complain or give an eye roll about a new outdoor adventure, I think it’s justified. Let’s not start on the car enthusiast stuff; that’s a topic for another blog. However, I don’t recall complaining then; I guess ignorance was bliss, or perhaps I was just crazy in love, or maybe a bit of both.

I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with incredible women constantly seeking the next great adventure. I deeply admire their passion for trying anything and their encouragement to push me out of my comfort zone. In reality, an adventure can take on many forms, limited only by your imagination. You’re never too old to embrace new experiences. It’s often easy to talk oneself out of them, and I’ve been guilty of this in the past, but I’m learning and growing.

“You cannot live great things if you live in fear…” unknown

As for the boyfriend, also known as the adventure guy, I’m pretty sure he has a pickup truck parked in his driveway, equipped with camping gear, a fishing rod, and a map, always at the ready. He’s simply waiting for the right moment to embark on his next adventure. While I may not rush out to conquer the tallest peaks, I’m trying. Life is unfolding around you, whether it’s a grand expedition or a small outing. So, go out and seek it!

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