Religion, Shakespeare and a Dress


Doesn’t every young girl dream about her wedding day?  For me, it was planned in my head for years…

I’ll be honest, I was in a foul mood, by the time I arrived home from driving all over hells acre…. I was fit to be tied, highway driving makes me crazy!  I bolted through the door, still struggling to remove my coat, announcing, “I need a BIG glass of wine,” so much for “dry” January.  I was home and just in time for one of my favourite shows…”Say yes to the dress,”   I know what you’re thinking, yes, I’m one of those women who can’t seem to get enough of  bride’s shopping for wedding dresses, it’s my crack!  This time though, I was watching it in a different head space, bad head space…I blurt out, “this is ridiculous, these women actually think the dress is going to give them a happily ever after, what a farce!”  Before you all come at me with pitch forks, you’ll have to agree, the entire concept of the white dress and the pomp and circumstance around the ceremony is a bit archaic.  How did we all get here?  My son, who’s trying very hard to say the right thing, comes up with “religion and Shakespeare, mom”.  I thought about it for a minute, trying to understand what he just said, actually, was quite clever.

Religion has usually played a role in most wedding ceremonies.  That said, I’m not religious, in fact, I was married on a beach,  there were no references to god or the Holy Spirit in our vows  but I did wear a white dress (tradition or fashion?)   I think it’s safe to say most of us value traditions, sometimes guilted by an older generation but I respect how religion plays a traditional role in a wedding.  So whether your religious or not, it does come down to the ceremony and surrounding yourself with family and close friends. But, with more and more couples flying off to exotic destinations and writing their own vows, the “religious” aspect of the ceremony may be changing, is this a sign of the times?

So where does Shakespeare fit into all of this?  Well, here’s the romance part…without Shakespeare, we wouldn’t  have a story about two star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet.  This being one of the most iconic love stories, Shakespeare has paved the way for all of our love stories…we all want our Romeo to our Juliet, n’est-ce pas?

And then there’s the dress…

Satin, silk, charmeuse, chiffon, tulle, organza and lace, these are just a handful of fabric choices for a wedding dress.  Bride’s, they travel far and wide to the bridal Mecca of @Kleinfelds in NY, it’s an arduous job, trying dress after dress after dress. The idea or vision, every bride has one, some arrive with ripped out pages from magazines, or Pinterest boards with every conceivable version of the white dress.  Eventually, it’s the fateful tear and the entourage agreeing “it’s the one!” Only then can you say “yes to the dress”.

So despite my rant on how ridiculous all of this is…I guess, I should remember my own vision of the white dress, it wasn’t so ridiculous at the time.

traditions and a love story…all for a beautiful white dress.




One thought on “Religion, Shakespeare and a Dress

  1. No not every young girl dreams of their wedding day or dress. I never wanted a white fluffy dress or had one, rather I wore a borrowed floral dress – cue gasp!. There were five people at my wedding and I was one of them. No regrets. “What was I Thinking?”
    Probably that the pomp and circumstance over a wedding is ridiculous especially when fifty per cent end in divorce. Ask me how I feel about Christmas -lol

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