Pied a terre

One of the first questions everyone asks me is, where did you stay while in Paris?  With so many options, Airbnb, Vrbo and numerous rental agencies…it’s hard to decide.  I chose “Lodgis”, a rental agency, no real particular reason except that they seemed to have a good selection of  “affordable” options, which was key for me.   I was careful to do my homework, searching for any negative feedback or reviews, which “Lodgis” didn’t seem to have.  Once I decided, it was pretty straight forward, I paid my deposit, purchased “mandatory” rental insurance and was then  put in contact with the owner,   Considering how smoothly the transaction went, I still couldn’t help worry…will anyone be there when I arrive? Thankfully, my landlady Sophie was there to greet me, I was relieved to say the least and I think we hit it off immediately.

I rented a cute one bedroom apartment in the 7th arrondissement, calling it, “Ikea chic”, it could have used a fresh coat of paint and a new tv (only to watch the news).  It was a blank canvas and so tempting to redecorate but seriously, who hangs artwork two feet from the ceiling?  I found a lovely flower shop near by that would allow me to purchase lilies by the stem, I love the scent that they leave, adding my own personal touch was all my little place needed.  I am a true believer of, you get what you pay for…which was, a budget friendly, no frills, in a good neighbourhood, apartment. Perfect!

Facing south and temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees, I had no air conditioning, it was hotter than hot!   It was a small miracle that I happened to walk by a hardware store selling fans,  needless to say, I purchased two!   Thankfully I had a washing machine but sadly no dryer, energy consumption is expensive here, so drying clothes in my living area became a regular thing.  The bathroom was recently renovated with modern finishes, it was the third week of guests that we discovered the “square” knob turned on the rain shower head.  Puzzling every time you stepped into the shower stall,  it was so obvious, thanks Teddi!

The only evidence that resembled character in my apartment were two large French windows in the main living area, with peek a boo views of the Eiffel tower and bustling markets and cafes below in the street, I made sure to inhale every moment of everyday, knowing that all of this will be a distant memory soon.  There were a few evenings that the windows needed to be closed, Justin Bieber blaring “Despacito” in the background will forever be in my head.  Cafes stayed open until the last person was ready to leave,  the buzzing sound of crowds and clinking glasses either made you frustrated or want to join in…I had my moments.  And lets not forget the scooters!  I don’t even need to go into details, get a new muffler for god sakes, worse is, letting it run until complete outfit and helmet are on, its not winter, its fucking hot out, why do you need to rev up the motor?  I enjoyed the occasional drunk opera performance, actually,  good enough to get an applause but don’t worry I stayed in bed.

As quirky as this all may sound, I really enjoyed my little apartment, it felt like home.   It didn’t take me long to figure things out and get into a routine.  I enjoyed hosting  my friends who were such great company, planning our days and drinking too much Rose, forever memories that I will cherish.

To the friend who couldn’t make it… one day, if you go to Paris, think of me, happy and the best version of myself, living and hopefully in love, in my “Pied a terre”.


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