Take off

Could be worse, my flight is delayed by half an hour.  What’s with the enormous lineup?  Have they made the announcement to board the plane yet? Here we go, like cattle, herding to our seats, this is the part I hate about flying, oh, and the flying part too! I’m flying Air France (ooh la la) for the first time, dinner menus included, what?!  I’m in economy…champagne to start, and its the good stuff?!  A lovely wild rice pilaf with squash, grilled chicken in a white wine sauce, dessert and a cheese selection and would I like a brandy?! I’m sold! Gotta say, Air France kicks Air Canada’s butt, seriously, even the movie selection is fantastique!  It’s a necessity when you’re flying for over 9 hours.

My movie reviews, whether you like it or not,  “Allied” Brad Pitt movie, not usually a fan of his but man he killed it! Next, “Belle de jour,” yes, there seems to be a French theme, coincidence, perhaps? Catherine Deneuve is a timeless beauty, the movie was ok, the book was better, you heard correct, it was one of the books I actually read in my book club. My third and final movie, “Women of the 20th Century”, with Annette Benning, great film, a new favourite, great recommendation from a friend.

Time for a little music, listening to “The Weekend, Starboy” album,  how have I not heard this before? I must be on my second wind, can’t sit still in my seat, listening to “Reminder”, “Rockin”, everyone around me is either sleeping or watching their screen.  I feel a seat dance coming on, don’t worry, I didn’t;)

What’s this? Ice-cream sandwiches?  I’ll pass, I’m still full from the cheese plate. Three more hours until Paris, I hope my driver is there waiting for me.  Hmmm, I wonder what they’re serving for breakfast?



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