January 24, 2017

A New Year

As I look out my window, the Christmas light maze that dominated my neighbourhood is finally gone and has since been quickly replaced by an acrobatic horse show. Will this be the first of many shows for the new year that will blanket my views outside my window? Wondering what will be next?

I’m looking forward to what is next. I think most of us are done with the eating and drinking bit of the holidays, or at least for a while. For those friends we didn’t see over the holidays, “Let’s get together for drinks” seems to have morphed into January. I’m trying hard to be good, but it’s not easy. The thought of eating makes my stomach grumble…..not to mention the guilt.  

For me, the phrase “Happy New Year” comes with a bit of anxiety, saying goodbye to another year, an old friend, however, you want to look at it. Putting the bad stuff into the past, learning from your mistakes and improving on going forward. A friend asked me if I had any goals for the New Year. I want to say, “Absolutely,” but the truth be told, I have a lot of “ideas,” do those count?

How many of us have sat writing lists of everything we want to accomplish? Perhaps some of us refer to this as a bucket list. I’ve decided to tackle my list since I’ve been called out on it……yes, the dreaded “you always have ideas, do something about it” conversation brings me to my blog, i.e. new beginnings and a new year.

I am passionate about so many things. So I thought a blog would be the perfect platform for all of those “ideas,” be it travel, fashion, design, my new crush of the moment or what’s going on out there that gets my heart racing.  

And like the show across the street, which another will likely replace, I, too, will wonder what is next…


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