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Vancouver, Canada & Beyond. 


I have a lot of thoughts, stories and experiences to share with you. I hope if anything, they will inspire you, make you laugh, or go, hey, that's cool! 

i'm so happy you're here! I am passionate about so many things. Please join me on this journey called life...



Travel the world on fifteen damn dollars


Why I don't believe in affiliate marketing


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Valentine’s day, a day dedicated to love. Yes, I’m stating the obvious. Some may argue, why celebrate just the one day? Expressing your love for someone should be shown in some form, every day. Right? Yes, I agree, and I do. It’s easy to get caught up in our happy, showing the world our lovey-dovey […]

I have to admit; the thought of working with a life coach, had me sceptical. I mean, why do I need one? We have our friends, right? Yes, friends. We are there for each other through thick and thin, lending an ear, for one thing, or another, giving constructive advice and cheering on those grand […]

We are well into the new year, and for most of us, this is the ideal time for making plans and setting goals. I’m not big on resolutions, although, some would argue they are one and the same. I’ve had my fill of failed resolutions, which, in my opinion, are really just acknowledging one’s bad […]

Finally! We’ve made it to the other side, barely I might add. We’re saying bye-bye to one badass year. It was challenging. Surreal comes to mind, and if I could have, I would have hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to reboot and restart the new year sooner. I’m exhausted just thinking about everything we’ve postponed, cancelled, delayed, didn’t […]

Meet Nikki Baxendale, a photographer and artist extraordinaire. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for the past few years as an accomplished photographer. More recently, Nikki has launched herself as a new artist. Perhaps it was the lockdown due to Covid or desperately needing a new creative outlet? Nikki’s Instagram account suddenly became a […]

It’s officially December, and for the first time, I’m not panicked. What?! Instead, I’m trying to embrace the holiday season; honestly, what else have we got going on? It’s perfect timing. I think most of us need something to look forward to, 2020 has been a bust, definitely, one to put behind us once and […]

There’s a classic scene from the movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts character Vivian, is desperate to spend a chunk of money on several new outfits for her, ahem…date. We’re all familiar with the scene; Vivian’s character, tartly dressed, wearing thigh-high boots a tank top and an overtly short skirt. She wanders into a posh store […]

I’m not sure about you, but I’m exhausted! This past week has been a roller coaster ride watching the US presidential election. For the most part, it had me sitting on pins and needles. I doubt I was alone. Based on the shit show we’ve observed from Donald Trump over the past four years, we […]

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. Those chance meetings or invitations from an unlikely source could benefit or change your life for the better. What does this mean? Depending on your approach, be open and aware of your surroundings. I never say no; otherwise, you might miss those gifts of […]

Here we are again. Its officially Fall, and as if someone flicked the switch, summer is sprinting towards fall, giving it a high five (“go get’em!”), you can feel the season changing. For some, its the dread of cooler temperatures, dreary skies and rain. We’ve already endured a few days of it pelting down, and […]


making plans and setting goals.


get yourself unstuck and moving with a life coach


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I’m passionate about so many things, where do I begin? I'm on a journey, trying to figure out this thing called life. No topic is off limits and I'm not afraid to say it how I see it. Let's hop on this journey together!

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