I’m in the thick of my fabulous 50’s…TBH, they didn’t start that way. Divorced from my husband of 27 years, I’m exhausted, it’s been a journey but all for the good.  I’ve definitely turned the corner and I’m moving on.  Next chapter! I’m here to dispel any preconceived ideas of what 50 looks like (or any age for that matter). Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something, just because you’re of a certain age.  I’m hell-bent on being the spokes girl for all of you out there trying to figure out, “what the fuck just happened?!”  Life happens for a reason, it’s up to you whether or not you’re going to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and tell yourself, “I GOT THIS!”

“At 50, I began to know who I was. It was like waking up to myself.” – Maya Angelou

My career as a “Mom” seemed like it would last forever and then poof, my sons are grown men. They’re both off in the world to create their own adventures, which is exciting for them and scary for me. That said, I feel confident that I’ve laid the groundwork for them to pursue their passions, with that, I’m finally taking time out for me!

I put myself out there in the dating world, yep, it totally sucked! The good news is, I’m in a relationship, I love this guy, he makes me smile all the time;)  So ladies, don’t despair, it will happen, honestly, I have written enough to know, this too shall pass.

I’m not sure how this writing thing started,  I guess I’ve never been short on words and I have a lot of opinions, hmmm…so perhaps this helps me get a few things off my chest?   So much to figure out and discuss, I’m passionate about so many things, where do I begin? I’ve been writing for over three years, it’s turned out to be a great platform for me being me. Join me on my personal journey through all I love, desire, crave, wish for, want,  I COVET.

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