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I’m passionate about so many things, where do I begin? Like you, I'm on this amazing, sometimes challenging journey called life. I love to share my experiences. No topic is off limits and I'm not afraid to say it how I see it. Let's hop on this journey together!

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I’m not a style blogger, but I’d like to think I know a thing or two when it comes to fashion. That said, my wardrobe lately has been an old pair of jeans worn with a slightly ripped t-shirt,  so yes, I’m pulling out all the stops when it comes to my painting ensemble. While it’s practical, paint splatterings and all, it’s not what I want to be wearing day, after day.  For those “do nothing” self-isolating days, I’m more than happy to ditch my painting clothes. I don’t have the luxury of space, my closet has been a work in progress, curated over the years to reflect my absolute favourites to wear. These days, I’m switching it up between a newer pair of R13  jeans and my favourite NILI LOTAN camo pants. Both are great to wear with a combination of sweaters and standard-issue, black and white tees. For those adventurous, “I freak’n need to get the hell out of the house days” I turn to my favourite Sweaty Betty workout brand for fun colour combinations with cleverly designed leg pockets, perfect for holding my cell phone…ya know, for those “important calls,” lol!

OK, I’m seriously getting bored, give me a reason to dress up! Hear me out…if it makes you feel good, especially during a pandemic (a new occasion?)  then obsess about it! I give you full permission, no judgement. I’ve been online “window” shopping, checking out what’s new and what’s hot…dreaming about new shoes and skirts for summer. To each their own, if fashion will get you through tough times, then go for it! Nothing wrong with dreaming and being hopeful for the opportunity to bust out that fabulous outfit…” what? this old thing?” You caught me! I am totally the material girl, at least for the moment and it’s ok, after all, it’s my virtual shopping dream…

So, what am I dreaming of wearing, you ask? Just to be clear, it’s my dream, and there is no specific budget in mind, it’s waaay more fun this way, don’t you think? At the moment, I’m craving the “Oran” sandal from  HERMÉS it’s classic at it’s best. Also sweet is the GUCCI Espadrille, casual enough to wear with shorts or dress them up. If I had to choose just one item, hands down it would be the BALMAIN jacket. It fits like a dream, great with denim, white jeans, dresses, shorts and basically everything and anything. This stand-alone piece will take you from Spring, right into Fall and Winter…the price tag is hard to swallow, but honestly, I would wear this always!

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 2.54.49 PM
Balmain Jacket

What about skirts? I’ve always been a pants kind of girl, it’s only until recently that I’ve rediscovered them. Perhaps it’s an age thing or the new man in my life? That said, “why haven’t I been wearing more of them?!” I’ve included a few pics of my favs, STELLA MCCARTNEY and yes, more  BALMAIN, why not? Comfortable choices, perfect with sneakers or heels.

What else caught my eye? Well, it looks like paper bag shorts are back in, this denim pair by ISABEL MARANT is a throwback from the ’90s, the length is perfect. Vegetarian (that’s what she calls them) shorts by STELLA MCCARTNEY, not something I would typically wear but these are seriously cute and chic!

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening…


With the shut down of large social gatherings, sadly, wearing an LBD is not in sight these days but, there are some lovely options for dressing up without feeling like you just walked off the set of Dynasty, whoops did I just date myself? Lol! Anything with stripes on it, cries out summer for me and this Altuzarra knit dress reminds me of rainbow popsicles and hot summer days, n’est-ce-pas? STELLA MCCARTNEY always seems to knock it out of the park for me, I love this pink blush number. Both dresses are perfect for weddings or summer parties. Unfortunately,  those aren’t happening either. Let’s just face it, 2020 is a right off for any special occasion. In the meantime, dress up and put your party spirit on or hangout in something that makes you feel good!

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